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From implementing new business strategies to ultra-efficient work processes, Green Worx Consults is ready to tackle any challenge and put you on the path to success. Established in 2019, we’re ready to deliver services that transform the way you do business. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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Who We Are

The Power of Standardization

At Green Worx Consults we understand that change is not always easy.  I started Green Worx because the Arizona medical cannabis program allows me to manage chronic pain and my background is in business process management and quality improvement.  As the licensed cannabis industry expands, the ability to scale at speed will be limited by the ease of workflow set up, monitoring, and management of defects.

We are pleased to offer business process management and standardization services, standard operating procedure development, metric development, Lean, 6 Sigma services to all sectors of the hemp and cannabis markets.  We are also available to help any business, manufacturing, and service process problem.  Let's talk about your problem!

If you have a manufacturing, service, or business process problem, I want to help!

Green Worx Consults Services

Discover Our Expertise

Standard work, operating procedures, quality management, and continuous improvement are important to a business' ability to be nimble in a rapidly changing market place.  Our methods of project management and continuous improvement methods are the same used by companies such as Toyota, GE, Verizon, Amazon, United Healthcare, Aetna, and others to establish standard work, operating procedure, and quality management to decrease cycle time, eliminate defect, waste, and rework

This allows them to successfully build quality into every process and now we can do it for you too!

Green Worx Consults provides business process management development services,  in addition to Lean process improvement, 6 Six Sigma(DMAIC, Quick Sigma, Agile Sigma) consulting and project management services for all sectors of the hemp and cannabis industries

Introductory Consultation

Understand Your Needs

Initial discussion to determine client needs.  Develop draft charter and proposed project format.

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